Lifetime Plans

Buy Source code for self hosted usage. Take control of your business.

Commercial License

₹ 25500

Commercial License without GPL Restrictions
Native Android App
Access To Private Github Repository
For Startup Valuation under $ 15000

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Developer License

₹ 50500

Use product code & features in other software products
Full Souce Code with Backend Code
Access to Private Github Repository
For Startup Valuation under $ 45000

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What you get ?

Native android apps, Source code updates for 6 months, full developer documentation, free lifetime forum support, Official Paid support at Extra cost

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How can I earn Income from my Marketplace ?

You are free to charge vendors commission or Market fee per order. You can also charge fixed or variable (according to distance) delivery fee per order. 

How do i get support for my marketplace ?

As a customer you have free of cost lifetime access to our forum. Our experience tells us 90 % of all your issues will be resolved by our community on our forum. In case you need some extra support we also provide paid support options which you can avail as per your requirements. 

How much time it takes to setup my Marketplace ?

Once you give the order and provide all the details it takes about 24 hours to 48 hours to setup your marketplace.

Do you provide a demo ?

Yes the demo of our app is given on the demo page which can be accessed from the home page of this website. You can also access demo page by clicking here.

Can i  generate seperate apps for Delivery boy and Vendor ?

Although you can access features for delivery boy and vendor from the single app. But you can also generate seperate apps for delivery boy, and vendor (shop owner). The instructions to generate seperate apps are provided in the developer documentation accessible from this website. 

What is the difference between self hosting and manged hosting plans ?

For self-hosted option you are responsible for your own hosting. Self-hosting option is suitable for those who have some technical awareness or people who are willing to learn the technical side of the project. If you are someone who dont have time or due to any other reason dont want to get into the technical aspect of the project you can opt for managed hosting plans so that we will handle all of your tech requirements and you can focus entirely on your business. 

What i need to do in order to get started ?

For self-hosting you typically need to provide your email address and msg91 API Key. For managed hosting we will manage your SMS and email. Just get in touch with us using contacts provided in the contact form. 

Can you provide information about your existing customers ?

Yes the information about our customers is given on our customers section on homepage. Please note that we have not provided the list of all the customers due to privacy concerns. 

If i want to add custom features can you provide it and how much you charge for it ?

We do provide custom features and app customization according to your needs. But it depends on the kind of custom features you are asking for. Some features we may not be able to imlement. In case you want any custom features the best approach would be to get in touch with us and get a quote.