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What is Nearby Shops ?

We provide Software that automates ecommerce for Local Communities.

Start your Food Delivery or local e-commerce business without spending your money on building your product and rely on our maintainance free infrastructure.

Earn income by providing home delivery to the members of your local community.

Ideal for Institutes, Office Campuses, Housing Societies, Cloud Kitchens, Food Cooperatives and any other Local Community

Create Marketplace for your local community

Marketplace for your city, village or town

Provide Home Delivery from Local Stores. Create a marketplace for your Small Village, Town or City.

Deliver anything from your local stores

Deliver food, groceries or anything from local stores and bring the comfort of online shopping to your local community.

Setup profitable business on a proven business model

Benefit from the Open-Source Community which shares with you their experience to setup a profitable business !

Local Marketplace for everything

Available in all countries

With support for multiple currencies we are available in any country across the world.

Sell Anything not Just Grocery

Not just grocery you can build your local marketplace for anything Else. Like Electronics, Hardware, or DIY Equipments.

Sell anything in your City, Village or Town

Use your local marketplace to sell anything you want. Experiment and try out new ideas.

Create Market for

Institute Campuses

Create a Market for your University. Keep track of all the e-commerce happening in your Institute. Earn Extra Income.

Office Campuses

Create a Market for your office campus and manage e-commerce inside your campus. Earn Extra Income.

Housing Societies

Deliver food, grocery or anything to our local community. Earn Income and provide benefit to your community.

Cloud Kitchens

Reach out to your customers and manage your own delivery.


Setup a profitable business with very less  investment of your time and money.

Any Other Local Community

You can Create a maket for any local community. Start free.

Features and Highlights

Open-Source and Developer Friendly

Nearby Shops comes with a comprehensive developer documentation that makes it simple and easy to customize, install your app and maintain your technical infrastructure.

High Performance Java Spring boot Server

Our Server is built with High Performance Java Spring Boot Framework. Server is Coded in Low level JDBC Calls for Improved Performance.

Easy Installation Using Docker

It takes just 10 Minutes to Install our server. No need to learn Complex commands and No Coding Knowledge Required.

Single App for Customer and Admin

No Need to Publish and Update Multiple Apps on App stores. You now have only a Single App to maintain and update.

Mobile first and Multi-vendor

Nearby Shops comes with native android apps and is designed primarily for mobile. Its a multi-vendor platform where customers can send orders to multiple shops / restaurants.

Support for Multiple currencies

Nearby Shops has support for multiple currencies in the software.

Third Party Integrations

Integrations for Sending SMS-OTP, E-mail and Push Notifications, Maps and Payment Gateway are available

Delivery Panel for Vendors & Delivery Staff

Nearby Shops has order tracking and inventory for home delivery where vendors and delivery staff can update order status and track the orders for delivery.

Order Tracking with Live Status Updates

Order Tracking with live status updates for customers using E-mail, SMS and Push Notifications are available.

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Create your Local Market and Help Your Local Economy

help your Local Community of vendors by creating a local market for them.

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