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What is Nearby Shops ?

Launched in mid 2021 

Nearby Shops is a free and open e-commerce platform designed for Local Communities. Just like anyone can create a Channel on Youtube or a forum on Reddit. Similarly anyone can create a Market on Nearby Shops.

Nearby Shops is a Global App Platform which consist of Multiple Markets

How it Works ?

Anyone can create a Market for their local Shops / Restaurants and start their food delivery business.

Each Market provides delivery of food, grocery or anything from its local restaurants / shops. 

Start Free ... No payment or Card is required !

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Your Community

Your Rules

Your Administration

Manage your own local community. As an admin you can decide the rules or policies for your marketplace. 
Decide your own pricing and commission.

Create Market for

Institute Campuses

Create a Market for your University. Keep track of all the e-commerce happening in your Institute. Earn Extra Income.

Office Campuses

Create a Market for your office campus and manage e-commerce inside your campus. Earn Extra Income.

residential Complex

Deliver food, grocery or anything to our local community. Earn Income and provide benefit to your community.

Cloud Kitchens

Reach out to your customers and manage your own delivery.

Cooperative Societies

Form a Cooperative for your Local Vendors and Deliver anything from your local stores

Any Other Local Community

You can Create a maket for any local community. Start free.


Is Nearby Shops available in my Country ?

Yes, we support multiple currencies which allows you to create your marketplace anywhere in the world and start your business.

Is there any payment required to start my business ? 

No, there is no monthly fee or any initial payment required to start your e-commerce business. There could be small transaction fee or platform fee per sale. We are exploring if we can fund this platform using donations. If we are able to fund using donations then there will be no platform commission. If donations does not work out there will be a small fixed Platform fee or comission over each sale.

How can I earn income from my marketplace ?

You can charge a fixed or variable delivery fee per order. And you can also charge your market commission for each sale that happens through your marketplace.

What can i sell or deliver ?

You can deliver Food, Groceries, Hardware or anything else. You can sell or deliver anything from your local stores.

After creating a market will i become your franchise ?

No !  By creating a market on Nearby Shops you dont become our franchise. Nearby Shops is an open platfrom like Youtube or Reddit. By creating a channel on youtube or a forum on Reddit you do not become their franchise. Similarly by creating your market on nearby shops you will not become our franchise. This is good for you.

Because to get a franchise you typically need to pay investment money or other fees. While you dont need to pay anything to start your business with Nearby Shops