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Food Delivery and Local Shopping Platform

International, Decentralized and Open Source

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Coming Soon for IOS and Web

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How it works?

Step 1 : Create your Free Local Market Instance

Anyone can self-host their Local Market Instance (Server) and create their local market. Nearby Shops is a decentralized ecosystem of local markets.

Step 2 : Gain Free access to our Customers

Save your marketing expenses by getting free access to existing Customers of Nearby Shops app. Customers can send orders to you directly from our app.

Step 3 : Participate in our Crowdfunded Marketing Campaigns

We raise funds for marketing through donations and crowdfunding. You can choose to donate and help the platform. As a result you dont have to pay any commission or marketing fee to use the platform.

Step 4 : Add Shops and Deliver Orders Yourself

As a market admin you can add multiple Vendors. Orders can be delivered by vendors or by the market owner. You can Charge for Delivery or Provide free home Delivery.

Bring your Farmers Market, Local Food Co-op and Mom and Pop Store Online

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Create your Local Market or Online Store

Create a Multi-Vendor Market like Instacart, Grubhub, or Zomato. Your market can have many Shops. Create your fully functional local market in just few hours.

No need to maintain code

Your local market is accessible within Nearby Shops app therefore you do not need to Customize and publish any app and maintain any code.

Save your Marketing Costs

Your market has free access to all the audience of Nearby Shops app. That helps you save a lot in your marketing costs and efforts.

Also Ideal for Markets inside Institute and Office Campuses

Track business inside your Market

As an administrator you can keep a track and analyze all the business that is happening in your local market.

Charge for Delivery and Orders

Your can charge for Delivery and orders to your local shops thus earning extra income for your organization.

Extra Convenience for your Users

Delight your users with extra convenience of ordering from their mobile. Encouraging them to order more and Improve your business.

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We Support Ethical Businesses

We dont have Shareholders

This platform is Nonprofit which means it cannot be sold to a VC funded startup. It would never have shareholders and its directly funded by our users.

We support Cooperative Ownership

We love to work with co-ops and we believe in the principles of cooperative ownership.

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Create a Market and Help your Local Vendors

You can help your local vendors by creating a local market for them. Your community of vendors can use your local market for selling locally.

Create Market Create Store

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Features and Highlights

Open-Source and Developer Friendly

Nearby Shops comes with a comprehensive developer documentation that makes it simple and easy to customize, install your app and maintain your technical infrastructure.

Mobile first and Multi-vendor

Nearby Shops comes with native android apps and is designed primarily for mobile. Its a multi-vendor platform where customers can send orders to multiple shops / restaurants.

Support for Multiple currencies

Nearby Shops has support for multiple currencies in the software.

Delivery Panel for Vendors & Delivery Staff

Delivery can be provided by your own delivery staff or it can also be provided by shop-owners and restaurants using their own delivery staff.

Nearby Shops has order tracking and inventory for home delivery where vendors and delivery staff can update order status and track the orders for delivery.

Third Party Integrations

Integrations for Sending SMS-OTP, E-mail and Push Notifications, Maps and Payment Gateway are available

Order Tracking with Live Status Updates

Order Tracking with live status updates for customers using E-mail, SMS and Push Notifications are available.

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Open-Source and Nonprofit

We are against monopoly and unfair competition that's why our technology is free and open-source.

We love open-source. Checkout out our source-code on github !

Nearby Shops on Github
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Designed for local shopping

Nearby Shops helps people buy items like fruits, vegetables and grocery from shops located near to them and even get the home delivery of the items they have purchased.

Shopping fruits, vegetables and grocery is just an example. You can buy or sell almost anything that is available locally.

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Faster Delivery and More trust

Why to wait for more than a day for your items to get delivered. Now customers can get items delivered same day.

When people buy from shops located near to them they can visit the shop and resolve their issue in case their is any problem. This builds more trust between the customers and shop owners.

More Trustworthy and Quicker Delivery are the two best advantages of buying from shops located near to you.

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