Nearby Shops

Nearby Shops

Open Source Food Delivery and Hyperlocal Platform

Easy to setup location aware mobile based hyperlocal app platform

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How it works ?


Install Nearby Shops instance

Install your self-hosted nearby shops instance on Digital Ocean or AWS. Get started in just 5 $ per month hosting fee. Installation is really easy and takes less than 1 hour. Just follow our installation guide given in the developer section !


Add shops, promote your market and build audience

You can customize the app to build your own custom brand local market ... or you can also add your local market to nearby shops market discovery service and your market becomes visible and accessible to Global audience of Nearby Shops app. Read more about Nearby Shops multi-market mode !


Earn income for your services

You can charge some fixed amount per order. This is how you earn income. Say for example if you set your app fee as 5 bucks per order. And you have a traffic of 100 orders per day then you will earn 100 X 5 = 500 bucks per day.

Get Started

Shop Locally in your area

With Nearby Shops you can see the local markets in your area and shop locally from those markets

You can buy fruits, vegetables, grocery, electronics or just anything that is available locally ... these items will be delivered to you at your home !

Download Nearby Shops

Download nearby shops and access the local markets in your area

Get it on Google Play

Get wider access
for your local shop

Reach out to more customers and bring your shop to wider access and visibility from people in your area

Download Nearby Shops for Shop Owners

List your shop on local market and give your shop access to greater audience

Licensed under Open-Source

Licensed under MIT open-source license. Nearby Shops is free for use even for commercial usage.

We love open-source. Checkout out our source-code on github !

Nearby Shops on Github
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Designed for local shopping

Nearby Shops helps people buy items like fruits, vegetables and grocery from shops located near to them and even get the home delivery of the items they have purchased.

Shopping fruits, vegetables and grocery is just an example. You can buy or sell almost anything that is available locally.

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Faster Delivery and More trust

Why to wait for more than a day for your items to get delivered. Now customers can get items delivered same day.

When people buy from shops located near to them they can visit the shop and resolve their issue in case their is any problem. This builds more trust between the customers and shop owners.

More Trustworthy and Quicker Delivery are the two best advantages of buying from shops located near to you.

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Nearby Shops for Entrepreneurs

Now you can build your own app based local marketplace with very low investment. Open Source technology can help save your financial investment that you require to start your business.

It can also help you save your time to setup your own marketplace.

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