Nearby Shops

Nearby Shops helps you build your own self-hosted

local marketplace

Fully open-source and built with best open-source libraries

Licensed under Open-Source

Licensed under MIT open-source license. Nearby Shops is free for use even for commercial usage.

We love open-source philosophy. Checkout out our source-code on github !

Nearby Shops on Github
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Designed for local shopping

Nearby Shops helps people buy items like fruits, vegetables and grocery from shops located near to them and even get the home delivery of the items they have purchased.

Shopping fruits, vegetables and grocery is just an example. You can buy or sell almost anything that is available locally.

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Faster Delivery and More trust

Why to get involved in the hassle of waiting for more than 2 days for your items to deliver. Now you can get items delivered same day. When people buy from shops located near to them if there is any issue with the order the customers can directly approach the store and resolve their issue. This builds more trust between the customers and shop owners.

More Trustworthy and More Quicker Delivery are the two best advantages of buying from a store located near to you.

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Instructions for Demo

Login credentials : 9490523891 (username) | password (password)
Login to the end-user app with the above credentials and enjoy the demo.

For a better experience set your location

For a better experience to help you understand how location features work. We recommend you to set a fake location.

Use any location faker app which you can download from Google Playstore and set your location to “Hyderabad, India”.

Download Nearby Shops for End-User

Download the app from google play store and see the demo to see how it works for an end-user

Instructions for
Shop Owner Demo

Install the shop owner app from google play store then you can login using the following credentials.

Login credentials : 8074516088 (username) | password (password)
Login to the shop owner app with the above credentials and enjoy the demo.

Download Nearby Shops for Shop Owners

Download the app from google play store and see the demo to see how the app works for the shop-owner


Nearby Shops for Entrepreneurs

Now you can build your own app based local marketplace with very low investment. Open Source technology can help save your financial investment that you require to start your business.

It can also help you save your time to setup your own marketplace.

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Lets talk about features

Features and Highlights

Designed Primarily for Mobile and Smartphone

Nearby Shops offers all the latest features to setup a modern local marketplace.

All Features

Fully Open-Source

Licensed under MIT open-source license. Free to use even for commertial usage.


Phone and E-mail Verification using OTP

Nearby Shops only allow phone and e-mails verified using OTP. This ensures your business is more secure.


Push Notificationsbeta

Nearby Shops andoid app receives push notifications using one-signal and firebase.


Multi-vendor e-commerce platform

We dont retrofit our software by adding plugins to make it a multi-vendor solution. Nearby Shops is designed for a multi-vendor shopping since its very inception.

Building Blocks

Technology Stack

Nearby Shops is built with best Open-Source Libraries

Postgres Database

Nearby Shops uses Postgres as its primary Database and connects with Database using high performance type 4 JDBC driver.


Jetty Server

Nearby Shops use Jetty Server as an embedded HTTP server


Hikari CP

Hikari CP connection pooling library at this link



Thumbnailator - a thumbnail generation library for Java at this link



JAX-RS is a reference java implementation for building REST APIs


Third Party Integrations

Integrations provide you access to basic services like SMS-OTP and Payments.
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Nearby Shops use msg91 for sending SMS and OTP which helps in verification.

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Push Notifications

We use one-signal and firebase for sending push notifications.

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We use open-map-tiles for mapping which is based on open street maps.