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How it works ?

Step : 1

Install your instance and Create your local market

You can install your Instance (Server) for Local Market in just 5 $ per month hosting fee on cloud hosting platforms like Digital Ocean and AWS. Your local market becomes accessible to global audience of the nearby shops app. And benefits from the popularity and audience of the platform.

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Step : 2

Manage your market and provide help and support

As a administrator of your local market you will look after the welfare of your local community of vendors. You may need to resolve disputes and provide help and support whenever required.

Step : 3

Seek Donations or Charge a Fee to fund your expenses

In order to fund expenses of hosting of your local market you can seek donations or Charge a Fee. Vendors who benefit from the free services of your local market hopefully will understand your needs and will be willing to donate. If donations does not work out for you ... you can also charge a small fee per order.

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