Upgrading Nearby Shops

In order to upgrade the nearby shops backend api you have follow these steps

  1. Go to the installation directory. The directory in which the api jar file and configuration file exist
  2. Download the latest jar file. In most of the cases there are no changes in configuration. But if there are changes in configuration . Then you have to download the configuration file also.
  3. Modify the SystemD unit file replace the file path of jar file of previous version with the file path of new jar file


Step 1 and 2 : Download latest jar file into the installation directory

Latest jar file is available for download in developer docs. Use “Copy link address” to copy the address of jar file.

cd ~

cd nearbyshops

wget <link-of-latest-jar-file>


Step 3 : Navigate to /etc/systemd/system

SystemD service unit files are located at this directory so we will cd into /etc/systemd/system.

cd /etc/systemd/system

sudo nano nearbyshopsapi.service

Change the file path of the jar file to a path of new jar file.