Setup and Customize android apps

Change API Server URL (Service URL)

You may have setup your own API server and in that case you will want to change / update the api server url in the android apps. This will ensure that your android apps are getting data from your own server.

In order to change / update the service url (api-server-url) you need to open the file named “”. This file is available in the source code of the android apps.

In this file you will see various constants where you can assign your service url.

You also need to edit the function named “getserviceURL(Context context)”. This function should return the service URL of your api server.


Change the package name

If you want to update the package name for the android apps. There is an easy procedure. Search on google how to change package url for an android apps. There are many good articles available on this topic.


Change the Logo and app name

If you want to use this app for production purposes you will want to ensure that you change the logo and app name.


Setup and Update Third Party Integrations

If you want to setup third party integrations like push notifications and Maps and Geocoder. You need to read the guide for setting up third party integrations available in the developer guide.