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Setup Local Development Environment

In this tutorial we will see how you can setup the development environment on your own local machine.

Nearby Shops API Installation Guide for Digital Ocean

In this guide we learn how to install Nearby Shops API on the Could Hosting Service like Digital Ocean or AWS using Ubuntu 16.04 Server.

Enable Remote access to the postgres Database and access throught PGAdmin3

We might need to have read-write access to the postgres Database of Nearby Shops API for various reasons. In this tutorial, we study how can enable remote access to the postgres database installed on the API Server.

Clean Up port 80

Sometimes we might face situations where port 80 is not free and already occupied. So we study various strategy to kill process on port 80 to free up the port 80.

Configure Domain Name for the Service

An IP Address of the Server can change with change in configuration. Therefore we need a friendly domain name. Which remains constant and does not change. A friendly domain is needed to help users remember and identify your service.

Auto restart Java Process after termination or System Reboot on Ubuntu 16.04 using SystemD

A trivial Java process can get killed, terminated due to various reasons and this is bad because termination of API Java process can terminate your service. In this tutorial we study various strategies how we can restart a Java Process if it gets terminated and also how we can start a java Process automatically on the Server Reboot or Restart.

Add and configure Swap Space

Low Memory can become a problem on the Server. Adding a swap space can recue us from this problem.

Secure your API using  SSL / TLS from LetsEncrypt (Coming Soon)

In this tutorial we will see how we can secure our API using LetsEncrypt free SSL/ TLS certificates

Integrate Google and Facebook Sign-In (Coming Soon)

In this tutorial we will see how we can integrate google and facebook sign-in into the Nearby Shops android app.

Tips and Tricks

  1. Upgrade Postgres Database to 9.6 on Ubuntu 16.04


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