Scaled Payments Mechanism

Business Model for the Foundation

Times are changing and with the changing times we need to adopt better policies. Better policies are required in order to attract best talent and remain competitive. The world is moving fast towards a more free and flexible working environment.

According to a research survey more and more millenials want to work freelance compared to working as an employee. They prefer a Digital Nomad lifestyle compared to lifestyle of a conventional employee. Therefore it will get more difficult to attract the best talent across the industry if we fail to upgrade our system and improve our policies according to the changing trends in the society and economy and people’s expectation.

People want an organization which is flexible and adaptable and at the same time transparent and fair and ethical and moral. An organization which adapts and grows naturally and organically according to the needs of the people and society. An organization which values human emotions and want to do good in the society.  An organization which has a better purpose which is much more than just maximizing profits and income. Financial Sustainability is something which we are concerned about but we want a culture where people truly believe that purpose of the Organization extend beyond just ensuring financial sustainability and maximizing incomes. Doing something good and helping people and society is something which concerns people as a long term objective for the organization.

Therefore following the sentiments and expectations of the people and the growing trends in the society and economy. I as a founder feel that a nonprofit cooperative will best describe the type of organization and the culture we want cultivate in our organization.

Technically a nonprofit cooperative is no different than a cooperative. Because the business models or both the cooperative and the nonprofit cooperative (invented term) are pretty much the same. Putting the word Nonprofit before the cooperative is to simply there to emphasize the fact that the purpose of the organization is not to maximize incomes but to serve the society by helping people and solving their problems.

We appreciate financial sustainability and fair distribution of wealth and incomes as a reasonable and valid concern for the organization but maximizing profits must not the be the end objective of the organization.

Therefore putting the word “nonprofit” before cooperative is something that will better describe the business model and the kind of culture that we aspire to cultivate in our organization.


Freelance Contributor Agreement – Terms and Conditions



Materialistic Sense of Security vs Spiritual Sense of Security

Materialistic sense of security seeks a physical evidence which is available in the physical form like a legal document. A spiritual sense of security comes from a spiritual evidence. An evidence which exists inside of us. And it does not exist in the outer world.




What is Scaled Payments ?

Let us understand the scaled payments with a simple example :

Consider there are 2 contributors in the organization a contributor A and Contributor B.

The organization owes Contributor A an amount of 100 $ as a salary and 200 $ as a salary to Contributor B.

Now we consider two scenarios. In the first scenario the organization makes less income compared to what it owes as salary to the contributors. And in the second scenario the organization makes more income compared to what it owe’s as a salary to the contributors.

Scenario 1 : Scaled Down : Organization makes less income compared Dues


Benefits of Cooperative Business Model





Components of Payment




Transparency of Information – Right to Information

All the information regarding calculation of payments and salaries would be available in the public domain.


Priority of Payments

First Priority : Contributor Salary

Second Priority : Foundation Reserve

Third Priority : Bonus


Designations (Roles) and Levels of Experience


Web Developer

Android Developer

Backend Developer



Foundation Reserve


Cooperative Ownership | Organization Ownership and Contributor Voting Rights

In case there is a situation where we need to make important decisions of the foundation / organization. There will be a voting and payments will be


Body of Elected Representatives :



No Discrimination Policy

We don’t discriminate people based on age, race, color, gender, religion and nationality. As long as you are providing a valuable contribution to the organization you are welcome to be a part of the organization.

We value diversity and it is essential for a good culture in the organization.


Benefits of