If you’re looking for some extra help and assistance you can consider various paid options. These paid options provide the financial support for the project. So by availing these options you are helping the growth of this project.


Basic app launch : 100 $

If you wish to start your e-commerce business using nearby shops software but you do not come from the technical background. We will provide you all the technical assistance to get your apps and server up and running and ready to launch. This includes installation of the server and customization of the android apps.

Please note that this option does not include the marketing assistance and graphics design for your app.


Server Installation and Basic Configuration : 50 $

We will install and configure your api server so that you are ready to make API calls to your server.

Android app Customization : 50 $

We will customize your android apps to connect them with your own API server, your logo and basic color scheme for your app with your app name off-course.

Third Party Integrations : 50 $

We will configure SMS-OTP, e-mail, push notifications for your android apps.



Professional Assistance and Consultation : 50 $ per hour

Need some extra help. Get help and assistance directly from the original creators of the nearby shops software.