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Do you like working on open source projects ?

but you are tired of seeing developers, designers not getting compensated for putting their time, energy and efforts ?  and you feel it’s unfair to developers and designers ?

We believe that every contributor’s time is valuable and they deserve a reasonable compensation for their time, energy and efforts they put in an open-source project.

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Join Us as Contributor

Beginners, Intermediate and Experts all are welcome !

When you contribute to the Nearby Shops Open Source project we make best efforts to compensate you for your time, energy and efforts. We have a plan for this and please read along the lines as we tell you our plans.

When you contribute to the Nearby Shops Open-Source project and your contributions are accepted as a part of official Nearby Shops project (Which happens when your pull requests are accepted in case you’re a programmer).  You automatically become a part of the a Nearby Shops Nonprofit Cooperative Organization  –  a cooperative of freelance developers and designers.

As a member of this cooperative, you are entitled for share in the income generated by the cooperative and you also get voting rights in the decisions made by the organization. Let us discuss the details of how the incomes and voting rights are awarded.

Consider an Example :

If you contribute 100 man-hours to a project which involves a total of 1000 man-hours. So your contribution to the project is (100/1000) = 10 %.

When you make 10 % contribution to the project you automatically obtain a 10 % ownership of the Nearby Shops Nonprofit Cooperative Organization. Which implies you have 10 % voting rights in the organization and you are entitled for 10 % of the income the organization earns in future.

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Nearby Shops Nonprofit Cooperative Organization is a cooperative of freelance developers and designers which works as a democratic organization and a community. The members of the community have voting rights and they participate in the decision making of the organization.

The important decisions like what kind of business plan the organization uses to monetize the project are also taken with the consent of members in a democratic way.

Ownership of the organization is awarded on the basis of the individual contribution to the project and not on the basis of the financial investment. This is the key difference which differentiates a cooperative and a commercial organization.

In the commercial organization the ownership of the organization is awarded on the basis of financial investment a member makes and not on the basis of his contribution to the project. In the cooperative the ownership of the organization is awarded on the basis of the individuals contribution to the project and not on the basis of financial contribution a member make.

You can read more about how a cooperative works in this article


Well for any starting any business we require investment so what’s our plan to obtain finances ? 

The cooperative of freelance contributors may not require a large financial investment. Because contributors can work from internet inside their homes so there is no need to build an office and building. We anticipate that in case a need arises a very small financial investment may be required like when we plan to host our own servers in the cloud. And all such investments can be provided to the cooperative as a loan which the cooperative will return to the loan provider with bank interest. The loans are accepted only from the contributor members of the organization.


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Have more questions ?

Please read our FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) for contributors

Information for Project Contributors

FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions) for Project Contributors

If you wish to contribute to the project. You are likely to have questions. We will try to address them here.

Scaled Payments Mechanism : Business Plan and Payment Mechanism

Benefits of Cooperative Business Model

Roles and Designations

Features and Issues – Where contribution is required – Coming Soon

Ethics and Values of the Organization – Coming Soon


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