Create your local Market

and help your Local Economy

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How it works ?

Step : 1

Install and Setup your local Market Instance

You can self-host your Instance with our Installation guide. If you come from a non-technical background we can also help setup a server for you.

Self-Hosted Hosting Help

To self-host your Instance (Server) on Digital Ocean and AWS. Please follow our installation guide from our developer guide

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Step : 2

Invite Vendors to Join your Local Market

Invite vendors in your local area to join your market. They will receive orders from the customers and they can provide home delivery also. Investing and hiring delivery people is not compulsory. Although you can hire and provide delivery also.

We support both delivery by vendors and delivery by Market. Customers can choose which way they want the delivery.

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Step : 3

Promote your Local Market

You can publish your app on Google Play. But Promoting and advertising yor market can be very expensive. To save your marketing expenses. You can link your market to various Local Market Aggregators.

Local Market Aggregators are free marketing platforms whose sole purpose is to help you promote your market.

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Step : 4

Earn Income from your Market

In order to earn income you can Charge a fixed fee per order or Commission over order to your local vendors. Say for example you change a fee of 3 bucks per order and vendor receives 100 orders then vendor will pay you 300 bucks.

Get Started
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