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Managed Hosting Plans

10 Minutes Setup Time Starting at 10 $ per month

Startup Plan

$20 per month per market

1 GB Ram with 20 GB Data

Business Plan

$30 per month per Market

2 GB ram with 30 GB Data


Frequently asked questions :

Can I cancel at anytime?

Yes, you can cancel anytime no questions are asked while you cancel but we would highly appreciate if you will give us some feedback.

What happens when i stop paying the monthly fee ?

If you stop paying monthly fee after 6 months you dont have to stop using the app. But you wont receive any updates further.

I am having financial Trouble and cant afford to buy even the lowest price plan ?

Well we dont have lots of funds too. But if you are really poor and cant even afford even 10 $ fee. We can waive it off for those who are genuinely in need and cant afford to pay. Please get in touch with us !

How can I get in touch ?

Our preferred way to get in touch is through our forum. You are more likely to receive a quick response when you post your questions on the forum !

Why is backend source not open-source and why you call it open-source ?

We badly need funds right now to improve the project but open-source is bad for making money. Therefore we are forced to make some part of the source code closed source. But by saying this project is open-source we want to emphasize the fact that this is envisioned as an open-source platform and we will fully open-source it once we find some solution to fund the project.

Can I change or Upgrade my plan ?

Yes you can change or upgrade your plan anytime. You can start with 10 $ plan and if you feel like you want your own whitelabel marketplace you can switch to white - label plan anytime. !

I want few customizations ? What is the best way forward !

Well we can offer you customizations based on the availability of staff. In case we dont have our staff available we recommend you hire a freelance developer who can provide the customizations. Dont worry our codebase is very standard and easy to customize for any android developer. We are ready to help your developer and provide all the guidance they require in order to customize the app through our public forum.

What is the difference between three plans ?

In our 10 $ monthly plan your market is accessible from Nearby Shops app. Which benefits from free of cost marketing. But you cant whitelabel your marketplace. In 25 $ monthly plan you can whitelabel your marketplace also. But source code of backend will be provided after the payment of 6 months. In 150 $ plan Source Code of backend is provided immediately.

How much total cost i will have to bear to get started ?

Not much. You need to get an SMS api key from and Setup Email using Mailgun. You also need to get Google Maps API Key which has a free plan also.

Is there any setup cost to get started ?

We recommend you to setup your own market. If you need any help we offer paid installation service given below.

Consultation and Private Support

Get advice and support from our Technical Experts
$ 15 .00 Per Hour

Consultation and support from original developers !

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Scaling and Security

You retain full ownership and autonomy of your hosting infrastructure.


Software Customization

Customize the apps with your own brand colors, logo and app name.


Technical Consultation

You need more customization to adapt the software to your basic needs.


Anything else where we can help

We wont charge money for something where we cannot help you