Technology for Poor, underpreviliged and middle class

Poor people, under previliged people living in third world countries deserve to have access to technology because technically and financially it is feasable and technology has huge potential to help people.  Although efforts are being taken in this direction but sadly we dont see enough being done to the extent it should be done.

We stand there to fill this gap that exists in the society.  We want technology to become accessble for everyone including the poor, middle class and nobody should be left behind.

Nearby Shops is a small step in that direction. We want to  enable and ensure everyone has access to e-commerce and nobody is left behind. No bussiness should be left behind and everyone gets a fair chance to grow.

Nearby Shops is different from most of the conventional e-commerce platforms. Its an open Source platform which you can use to setup your own self-hosted marketplace. You dont have to pay licence fees to anyone and their are no premium and paid services we offer.

Nearby Shops Platfrom is managed by a Nonprofit Foundation which is exclusively funded by donations from supporters and well wishers. And it is a promise that all the software we provide will always be available free and open source for all. Entrepreneurs can use it to build their own e-commerce market place and provide e-commerce services to the local bussiness in their city.

Nearby Shops Platform is a network of Distributed Services where each service is serving one single city and it is managed by an independent Service Provider (Independent Entrepreneur).

Access to free and open source software can help entrepreneurs save their money which they have to spend for developing their own software. You get to use the world class software built by one of the best developers in the world for free. The platform can also help you save the marketing and advertizing costs (See a detailed discussion on we can save advertizing costs in the another article) . The cost of hosting and maintaining an e-commerce marketplace becomes so much lower that entrepreneur’s can provide e-commerce services even in the remote villages of third world countries where commertial e-commerce services are not offered due to lack of profitablity.

Governments and Munipal Corporations can use this software to setup their Non-Profit marketplaces for helping small bussiness in their city and generate employment for the people.

On this website we provide documentation and support which can help independent entrepreneurs create and maintain their own service. We also provide support for teaching and educating people how to use this software.




We request you to join our forum because it is the best place for connecting with others and learning more about Nearby Shops Platform. You can speak to other people and also share your thoughts and ideas.  Click here to join our forum at this link https://community.nearbyshops.org .

(Please Note that the forum is currently new with very few members. You might not get replies for all of your questions when you post there. But despite that we request you to participate and contribute to this forum because your help and support will help us grow.

With time more members will join where you will have oppourtinity to speak and interact with other people.  )