Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

General FAQ’s

What is Nearby Shops ? 

Nearby Shops is an Open-Source software which helps you build your mobile app / website for local shopping . It includes both the server and front end.

A local e-commerce website / mobile app helps you buy items like fruits, vegetables and grocery from shops located near to you.

Local ecommerce differs from the typical e-commerce in a way that both the buyer and the seller are situated in the same city.

Nearby Shops also act like a “Yellow Pages” for Shops and Local Business. It can show the customers the shops located near to them and help the shop’s advertise their shops to the customers.


What is a Business Model of the Nearby Shops Software ? 

Nearby Shops software is supported by a Nonprofit Foundation which is funded exclusively by donations from supporters and well wishers.

Nearby Shops platform is an ecosystem of Independent services each managed by independent entrepreneurs.


FAQ’s for Developers and Code Contributors 

Can I contribute to the Nearby Shops Open – Source Project ?

Yes sure why not ! You are welcome to contribute and help us improve the software.

Nearby Shops is available on GitHub so you can use github platform to contribute.

If we see the contribution you are providing is helping the original Purpose of Nearby Shops Software we will be happy to accept your contribution in the Original GitHub Repository.

But if “we think / Feel” your contribution does not help the original Purpose of the Nearby Shops Software we will still try to include your feature as an experimental feature.

Are there any specific features where you require contribution ? 

Yes sure,

We require contribution for these specific features

  1. Develop a web app for Nearby Shops API
  2. Add TLS/ SSL Support
  3. Full Text Search with Search Suggestions
  4. Google and Facebook Sign-In


FAQ’s for Server / System Administrators

Do you have to pay for using Nearby Shops Software ? If Yes how much ? 

Nearby Shops is an Open- Source Software and which is available free of cost for everyone. You don’t have any *legal* obligation to pay for using the software. But if you do wish to help the project you can surely consider donating and helping the Project financially.

How can I Install Nearby Shops Software and Start Using it ? 

The installation guide for installing the Nearby Shops API is available in the Tutorials Section for Server Administrators

What kind of skills do I need to have in order to install and use Nearby Shops Software Back-end and Front-End ?

For Installing the Backend you need to have Ubuntu – Linux Server Administration skills . You are expected to have basic knowledge of using Linux / Ubuntu terminal commands.

We have successfully installed and tested Nearby Shops API on Ubuntu 16.04 Server’s on Digital Ocean Cloud Hosting Service. Therefore we have better experience with this server configuration and we recommend System Administrators to use the same configuration while installing the API on your system.

We are very happy and satisfied with Digital Ocean and we recommend People to use their services. This is our independent opinion and we have not taken any sponsorship from Digital Ocean for giving this opinion.

What is the Technology / Software Stack for the Nearby Shops ?

Nearby Shops is made Entirely in Java using Java Language. The Nearby Shops API is a java based REST API developed using Jersey – JAX-RS framework.

At the Backend – Nearby Shop API is a java Based REST API which utilises Postgres Database as a Backend Database.

The Front End – of the Nearby Shops is Android App. The android app is a native app made in Java using latest Android SDK’s.

We believe in Open-Source philosophy and therefore we made sure that we use and adopt open-source software wherever we can even at the time of development. Nearby Shops is developed on Machines installed with Ubuntu OS (Operating System). Using an Open Source Android Studio IDE provided by Google based on Intellij Idea.

We have also used Inkscape (Open Source Vector Image Editing Software) and GIMP (Open Source Image Editing Software) for editing all the graphics available in the Nearby Shops android App.