Freelance developers required – features where contribution is required

We are looking for freelance developers and designers to contribute to the nearby shops open source project. When your contributions are accepted in the original project you will be paid according to the standard hourly rate.

We have some specific requirements for which we require contributions.If you provide a good enough implementation of the following features we are likely accept them as pull requests.

Other then these specific requests you are free to send any suggestion or a feature which you think may add value to the project.

Hourly Rates – 15 $ per hour – 50 $ per hour

We may exceed our rates for experts or developers with higher experience. In such a case please contact us and have a discussion with us. Compensation would not be an issue for experts and talented people.

Features where we need contribution

E-Mail Templates

We need attractive templates for e-mails we send to the customers and shop-owners. The e-mails are sent when an order is placed by the customer.

Search with Suggestions – using Lucene, Solr or any other effective way

We need a search feature with suggestions for our android app. Search needs to be effective just like it works for amazon and flipkart. You may suggest any implementation which may provide a better search.

tls encryption using letsencrypt

Currently there is no TLS encryption in the app. This is not good for security. It would be really great if you can add a TLS encryption to the app.

Web app for nearby shops

Currently we have only an android app in the front end and there is no web app. We need a functional web app which is good enough and reasonably attractive for customers. This web app should be optimized for search by google.

API Performance Optimization – caching, dependency injection, query optimization and any other way

If you can optimize or improve the performance our our api by any way you think possible. Without compromising the essential functionality. You are welcome to contribute.

API Performance Testing and Scaling issues

If you are someone who can help us test the performance of our api and suggest or implement how the api can be scaled you are welcome.

Self hosted Geo-coder for India

We need a self hosted geocoder which can work well for Indian customers.