Features for Shop Owners

Features for Shop Owners

In this article we discuss the features available for shop owners. More features for End-User app are discussed in other page. 



Permissions for Staff Members

Shop Administrators / Shop Owners can add staff members and assign each staff members permissions relevant / required specifically suited for their roles.


Push Notifications for Shops and End-Users : Shops and Users

Shops get notifications whenever they receive an order from a customer and customers also get notifications which notifies them about the progress of the app.









Monitor Stock with a Quick Stock Editor

Quick Stock Editor sorts and filter items in commonly required ways. Quick Stock Editor will show you items which have become out of stock. It provides easy to monitor assistance for monitoring the stock of items in the Shop.


Location Based Delivery Assistance for Delivery Guy’s

The app provides location based assistance to the Delivery Guy. This includes route guidance and navigation to the customers addresses. And sorting the Customers Home address by distance. This helps delivery Guy deliver the orders in less amount of time and with much less pain.









Ability to Define Delivery Range for Shops

Shops can define a delivery range for themselves. This ensures that they will receive orders only from customers who fall under their delivery range. Shops will not receive orders from Customers who fall outside the delivery Range of the Shop.