Features for End-Users

This article provides an overview of the features available from an end-user point of view. The explanation provided here may not be sufficient for understanding how a given feature works. Therefore after reading this article we encourage you to get the hands on demo of the end-user app to see in action how the features actually work.

Features for End-Users




Multiple Categories for Items

Nearby Shops implements a multi – category system for Item Categories. There can be many categories under a given category and there are no limits on the level and depth of hierarchy for the categories.




Shop by Items Feature

Any given particular item can be sold by many shops (sellers). As a multi vendor platform Nearby Shops enables the customers to see the items available for shopping available at its current location.  If an item is sold by many sellers the customer is allowed to choose the seller he / she wants to buy the item from.




Shop Home Feature – Buy directly from a specific shop

It a customer wish to see only the items in a given shop and buy directly from a specific shop. He can use the shop home feature.

Shop Home feature allows the customers to see and buy items directly from a given shop.




Multi – Cart System – One Separate Cart for Each Shop

Nearby Shops has a multi-cart system. Which means that when a customer adds many items to the cart which involve many sellers the items get divided into many carts. Where each cart represents a single separate seller.

The benefits the multi-cart system provide is that the orders are not mixed and there is a separate order for each seller. This makes it easier to track and manage orders. And easier to understand where to obtain support when there is an issue with the delivery of the order.

You can explore this feature in a demo where you can gain a better understanding of how it works.




Order Tracking with Live Status Updates

The end-users can track the current status of the order. They will receive live status updates though push notifications as the order progresses through the inventory.

For example : After placing the order the customer will receive a push notification indicating when the order is “accepted” by the shop owner, “packed” by the shop owner and “ready for delivery” and so on.




Location Based Filtering based on Delivery Range of the Shop

When it comes to local shopping we can see that each shop (seller) has a limited delivery range. Which means that they can deliver only up to a certain distance. Therefore we need to ensure that the shop owners should not receive the order for delivery at an address located outside their delivery range.

Visibility of the shops and items get filtered by the location and distance of the customer from the shop (seller). The customer will see only those items and shops which can be delivered on its current location.

This ensures that shops don’t receive the orders with delivery address falling outside their delivery range.




Rating and Reviews for Items and Shops

The customers can rate and review the item. This is very essential for the buyers so that they can share their experiences and it helps them select the better product for their needs.

The customers can also rate and review the shops (sellers). This is also an essential feature as it helps the end-user to know which shop is providing the better service and has a good behavior and keeps a good relationship with the customer.

The shops which provide better quality services get rewarded with better rating and reviews.