Features and Issues


Features and Issues Pending

Versioning and Submissions for Items (Future)
Item Specifications | with Specification Category
Filter by Item Specifications
Versioning and Submissions for Item Specifications (Future)
Group Items (Future)
Item Options (Add Option Type , Option in Shop Item) (Future)
Item Images
Shop Images (Future)
Verified Manifacturers : Buy Directly from brand Original Shops (Future)
Item Recommendations in Item Detail Views (Future)
Full Text Search
Search Items with Search Suggestions
Search Shops with Search Suggestions

User Accounts
User Interface

Filter Delivery Address – By shop Delivery Range

Privacy Policy and Terms of Service

Item Tags : Example – Tag all grocery items and vegetables and food as raw vegan which can be used for raw vegan diet. Now items from different categories can be used for raw vegan foods therefore

Shop Returns policy

Order Returns

Delivery Timings and Delivery Slots (Week based)

Order Contains Date and Delivery Slot



UI Impromements

Add Progressbar in ShopItems and Wherever possible (For Network Operations)
Persistent Bottom Button Fix (Orders
List Item Switcher for Shops and Items
Move to top

Order Result Screen with Go back option

Place Picker in delivery Address option

Currency Setting in Service Configuration

Order Status Stepper View in Order Detail


Features partically Implemented

Item Lists
Favourite Items
Shop Lists
Favourite Shops

Pictues / html / Markdown in review text

Item Reviews and Rating
Item Review Thanks
Shop Reviews and Rating
Shop Review Thanks

Shop Issues (Future) : Raise an issue with a
Chat with Shop Feature


Features for Review (To include or not to include)

Define Shop Delivery Range by Pincodes instead of Distance

Define delivery range by vectors instead of circle

Exclusion by pin codes




API Improvements

API Settings
API Service Configuration


Types of Interface

Web Application
Android Mobile Application

Type of Services

Distributor / Wholesale Service
Nearby Shops local Shopping Service



Global Items Database
Service Discovery Service
Nearby Shops Service