Features and Issues Pending New

Features For immediate Implementation – ASAP

Transactions and billing | shop -owner has balance information
payment gateway | Add credit manually in Admin app

Shop Owner Profile Screen | Activation Notice, Balance Exhausted Notice, Policy Pages(TOS, Privacy Policy), FAQs page, Support Page, About Page

Order Status Issues [End-User app, shop-owner app]

Delivery System Complete the mechanism
Delivery Guy screens

Labels on order : pick from shop, home delivery
Labels on Shop : Pick from Shop, Home Delivery

Shop needs activation notice in shop-owner app | (message : Your shop is not activated please contact support to activate the shop)
Balance Exhausted Notice to the shop-owner

Customer care number in customer app – number should be fetched from sc | Or link to the page which contains the numbers
Shop Owner support number in shop owner app – fetch from sc | or link to the app which contains the numbers

Empty Screens

Delivery Screen – pick delivery radius from map

Shop Detail and Item Detail Screen
Item Review Screen

Terms of service, Privacy Policy,faqs, about page fetch url from service configuration

Service Configuration update mechanism
Place Order Button

Issue : Shop count more than available shops in shop owner app
Issue : Shop rating decimal in end-user app should not exceed two digits

Rating color grows from light to dark like that used in yelp website

Discount indication and MRP (has mrp and mrp value)
Half quantity and quarter quantity
Order Placed Screen (Optional)
Item return mechanism (for future)

Multiple Currency Feature – To have international Currencies

Settings Screen

API code cleanup : replace get count function with query count – see item resource for a template and example

Provide yes / no option to did anyone refer you in sign up screen

Item brand and filter by item brand

Set admin name and password from configuration file parameters

Refinements in Shops list in admin app | sort by registration time option  | see time of registration in profile

Delete Shop Option in Admin app

API Code cleanup – fix on cascade | set null so as to permit expected deletes | improve api code for count and other such things

Features which can be implemented in future

Emails for Order Received, Payment Received, Sign-Up, E-mail OTP and etc
Email Templates

Invoice Generation and send invoice by E-mail
Invoice Printing through mobile (android)

Offers and discounts
Item recommendations based on End-User profile

Delivery address gets filtered to be in delivery range

Better search
Item Specifications
Filter items by Specifications
Item Versioning and Submissions

Web app and PWA
Convert API from Java to Other Platform

Item Grouping (Optional)

Services Nearby (reconsider)

Better admin interface which includes various stats for both admin and shop admin

Dependency Injection
Performance Issues due to strings and plus operator
Scaling Issues

Login using OTP
Token based auth
TLS encryption