Features and Issues Pending


Default Sort Order in Each Sliding Sort Screen

Remove Filter Text from sliding screens

Remove System.out.println from API to improve performance


Minimum purchase quantity : 0.250 for Vegetables | Allow users to buy less than 1 Kg.

Fetch Service Config at startup in Home Activity

Location Update Service

Replace Location Library from Google Play to Lost


Service Indicator display

Logout for Admin

Theme and Action bar issues

CAB Icons color in admin app

Complete Specification filters for Items in EndUser app



Out of Stock – Indication

Check Delivery Address falls in the delivery range when placing order

Dependency Injection

Payment Gateway

Push Notifications Integration

Copy Items Features : From One Server to Another

User Guides

Search Feature

Shop Images

Detail View Improvements (Item Detail and Shop Detail)

TLS / SSL Encryption

Passwordless Login for Droplet : Droplet Security

Legal : Privacy Policy and Terms of Service and Other Legal Aspects


Issues Solved

Log Out in Shop Owner



To be Reviewed : 

Item Versions

Private Items