features and Highlights in General

Nearby Shops is designed with an Open Philosophy

We believe in Open-Source in our hearts. Because it makes things really simple, easy and efficient.

Open Source helps people and businesses because it reduces the investment and saves money.  An open ecosystem has its own benefits. It is easier to obtain support because more number of people are there to help you. The source code is open therefore it is under the easy access of many developers who can help you.

This overall results into very lower cost of maintenance which is really good if you’re an entrepreneur who is looking to start your business.


Nearby Shops is a multi-vendor e-commerce platform designed specifically for local shopping needs

Nearby shops is a multi vendor e-commerce platform which means that it allows multiple shops (sellers) to sell through its app based platform. Its designed primarily for multi-vendor and comes out of the box with this feature.

Shopping Locally is not the same as conventional shopping. Shops have limited delivery range and they cant serve the customers which live beyond their delivery range. This technically involves ability to filter the shops and items based on location of the end-user which can be obtained as latitude and longitude of the end-user.

Nearby Shops uses a location based filtering which makes shops (sellers) invisible to the end-users beyond their delivery range.


Designed with Mobile first approach

The world is moving fast towards mobile based technology. So nearby shops is designed primarily for serving a smartphone based customer as its first preference.


Nearby Shops uses Open Street Maps – A low cost mapping solution

Local shopping requires maps as an essential feature for the end-user because end-user would want to see on the map where the specific shop (seller) is located.

If you are using a commercial mapping solution it can be very expensive. This is detrimental to the aspiring entrepreneurs who have limited funding and investment and who want to start their businesses. Nearby Shops uses Open Street Maps as its mapping platform. Open Street maps is a good quality mapping service which is very low cost because uses an open source data.

Quality of Open-street-maps has improved and it provides a very good quality maps using vector mapping technology which is as good as any other mapping platform.


Third Party Integrations for the needs of modern consumer

Nearby Shops comes out of the box with third party Integrations like SMS-OTP integration, e-mail integration, payment gateway integration, Push Notifications for Smartphones and maps feature using low cost open-street-maps.


Designed for Small Businesses and Entrepreneurs

It means that we understand the concerns and needs of small business and entrepreneurs who are just starting out.  We understand your pain and we want to help you. We are deliberately making efforts and our design philosophy is aimed on reducing the burden for small business and enabling more and better growth for them.

An Example of our design philosophy is that we try harder to reduce the investment required for starting your business. So that there is a lower risk of losing your money and it is easier to start your business.

If our software helps small business in any way it will bring a great sanctification for us.


Simple and Decentralized Business Ecosystem

Orders are sent by end-users directly to the shop owners who are responsible for packaging and delivery of the order. As a service providers you don’t have to hire and manage delivery boys because the delivery and packaging of the orders is done by the sellers themselves. This results into the reduction of the the responsibilities of the service provider. They can now breathe more fresh air because they have less work to do.


Faster Delivery compared to a conventional shopping experience

Nearby Shops is designed specifically for a local shopping needs. Therefore as a service provider it is now easier to keep your customers (end-users) happy because they can get their delivery the same day or the next day after the order is placed.

Why the end-user has to get involved in the hassle of waiting for more than 2 days for their items to deliver. Now they can get the items delivered the same day. When the end-users buy from shops near to them in case a problem arise they can directly approach the store and resolve the issue.

This builds more trust between the customer and shop owners. More trustworthy and More Quicker Delivery are the two best advantages of buying from a store located near to you.


Delivery of orders is Provided by the Shop Owner

As a service provider you dont have to invest into building your own delivery Infrastructure because the responsibility of the delivery rests with the shop – owners.

This is good because it makes things simple relieves the service provider of the burden of handing delivery.


Order Tracking with Live Status Updates

Orders go through the inventory of orders where a shop owner can update the order status as “Order : Accepted”, “Order : Packed”, “Order : Ready for Delivery”, “Order : Delivered” and so on.

The end-users receive the live status updates as push notifications.