FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) for Contributors

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Will there be hierarchies ? 

We want to minimize the hierarchies to the minimum. Because a healthy community needs to have has a sense of equality and friendship and harmony in the relationship among the members.

What will be the designations and their compensations ?

There could be various designations in the organization but there would be no distinctions in the compensation on the basis of designation. Which means that the compensation for all designations will be the same. The distinctions in the compensation can be on the basis of the experience. Beginners may have lower compensation, contributors with intermediate experience will have average compensation and experts will have more compensation.

Give us a rough idea of the various designations (roles) in the organization and their compensation ?


Core Working Group

Developers and Engineers

Administrative Designations

Project Managers
Elected Body of Representatives

The Designation and Compensation Chart

Please note the chart provides only a rough idea / rough example of how the compensation will be decided. The figures provided in the chart are not finalized yet.




Core Working Group Beginner Intermediate Expert
Designers 30 $ per hour (a rough figure) 50 $ per hour (a rough figure) 70 $ per hour (a rough figure)
Developers and Engineers same as above same as above same as above
Administrative Designations Beginner Intermediate Expert
Project Manager Zero Zero Zero
Elected Body of Representatives Zero Zero Zero
Founder Zero Zero Zero

A person can have more than one designation. For example : someone can have intermediate experience in programming and at the same time he can have beginner level experience in design. So he can be an engineer with intermediate level compensation and a designer with beginner level compensation. This is just a rough idea and an example there can be many other examples of how a contributor can hold multiple designations according to the needs and requirement of the project.

The table indicates that the administrative designations have zero compensation. You might be wondering if that is a spelling mistake. Ha ha … No it’s not a spelling mistake. It’s a deliberate decision. Administrative designations have zero salary / compensation and they also have zero voting rights in the organization.

We want the organization to have a democratic culture. Where the respect for the people in administration comes naturally and not by the rule of law or any kind of authority. Therefore the people in the administrative designations do not need to have any voting rights and ownership in the organization. The compensation of the administrative positions is zero because these are the positions with importance and responsibility and we don’t want these positions to suffer from corruption. People who work in the administrative designations should be free for any desire of money and income and then only their hearts will have purity to fulfill these responsibilities. Therefore zero compensation for administrative designations is appropriate and needed for a healthy culture in the organization.

Now one thing to clarify here. A person can have multiple designations where he may be working as an Engineer and a Project Manager both. In this case he will not have ownership, voting rights and  any compensation as a Project Manager. But he can still exercise voting rights, have ownership and compensation as an Engineer.

What if my contribution is rejected ?

Well rejections are surely painful on an emotional level but after all they are a part of human life. Everybody has to go through rejections / failures at some point in their lives.  And we as human beings can’t stop living our life due to the fear of failures and rejections.

But rejections are one of the greatest opportunity for growth and they are the greatest teachers because they teach us where we are lacking and where we can improve. Sometimes rejections are also there because may be nature wants to give you something better or may be you deserve better.

As an example lot of people get rejected in love / friendship and they later end up finding a more loving relationship or a better friendship. So they were rejected because nature wanted to give them something better. Better than what they had previously.

If you’re a beginner and your contribution gets rejected may be it will help you and encourage you to learn and become a more better developer.

Being an experienced person your contribution getting rejected does not mean that it was not good enough. The only thing it means is that the contribution you have made is not relevant to the purpose of our project as we see it.

If your contribution gets rejected we will do our best to explain you the reasons for the rejection and we will be with you.


What if a member over reports his / her contribution ?

Consider a situation a member makes a contribution where it is supposed to take him only 10 hours for his level of experience but he lies and ends up reporting that it has taken him 20 hours.

Well such issues are reasonably concerning. Let us discuss how we can deal with such issues

Being an open source project all the contributions a contributor will make are open to public scrutiny and public investigation.

Every contributor will have a contribution log which will be available for public access. So all of your contributions can be investigated. And if we end up finding a major flaw in the hours a member reported then those flaws will be corrected.

Further if a member if found to have a consistent habit of over reporting his contributions. It can affect his / her reputation and as a result he / she may not be allowed to contribute in future.


What is a contributor under reports hours for his contribution ? 

Consider a scenario where a member reports he contributed 10 hours for a contribution where it is supposed to take  20 hours for his level of experience.

Well in that case also we will correct the flaws. If a project manager finds such flaws he / she will have the capability to correct the flaw.

If a public investigation of the contributions is carried out and it such a case is reported. We will correct the records and fix the flaws.



Designations and their responsibilities ?

Developers and Engineers

Administrative Designations

Project Managers
Elected Body of Representatives

What is the business model for the organization ?

How can i make the contribution ?

What kind of contributions are required in the project ? 

We have made the list of the features and areas where we required the contribution.


How the earnings and incomes will be distributed ?

Will I have ownership and voting rights in the organization ?


How can i join the Cooperative Organization ?


What kind of culture we expect to have in the organization ? 

You can expect to have a loosely coupled organization which will work as a democratically. There will be discussions among the contributors and important decisions will be taken after these discussions and the democratic consensus among the contributor members of the organization.


Well i as a founder do not want to ENFORCE a culture in the organization. I just want to ensure that people with relevant purpose join the organization. People who have shared purpose, shared values and principles. And this will automatically ensure that we have good culture in the organization.


Does being a Nonprofit implies that i will make less money ? 

No, Putting the word “Nonprofit” in the business model does not imply that you will make less money compared to your market worth. It is only there to emphasize that


What are the benefits of being a nonprofit cooperative business model? 

Major benefits of being a cooperative is fair and honest compensation. Do you as as developer , designer or any other skills feel that you have not been fairly compensated.

There are many other major benefits also but they are long term and you need to think deeply to understand them.

Second benefit of being a cooperative business model is that it makes the day to day operations of the organization simple and efficient.

I as a founder does not want to bring Venture capitalist. Because i believe people who put money in the organization cares more about making profits rather than the original purpose of the project.



What is the Legal Registration for the Organization ? 

Currently the organization is not registered legally but as soon as we have enough contributors we will get the organization legally registered according the democratic consensus in the organization.

The organization will be registered Legally as a Cooperative Business under a jurisdiction which suits the best for our purpose.


How the disputes among the contributors will be resolved ? 

Well i as a founder believe if people with genuine purpose join the project there won’t be a major conflict because all of them have similar principles and same shared purpose. Minor conflicts can surely exist and cannot be ruled out as they exist in any other community. There is hardly any community of human beings where there are no conflicts. All these minor conflicts will be resolved under the guidance of the founder and the democratic consensus among the contributors.


How the Project will be monetized ? 

I as a founder believe that the business model of [Ghost.org] and discourse forum is a very good example of how an open source project would make income without compromising on our principles.

But our plan is not currently entirely fixed and we are willing to be flexible and adaptable and we will have discussions among the contributors and we will see what turns out to be the best business plan.

But whatever way the project is monetized it should not violate the basic principles of the organization.


What are the ethical principles of the Organization ?

We believe we can earn money and income even by doing good for people and society.

The purpose of

Fair distribution of the income and earnings is a reasonable and a valid concern. But the end final purpose of the organization must not be to maximize the