Nearby Shops for Entrepreneurs

Start your business with nearby shops. Preserve your freedom, autonomy and Independence.

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Nearby Shops

Nearby Shops helps you build your own self-hosted

local marketplace

use it to build your own grocery market app, food delivery app or home services market like yelp

Benefits for Entrepreneurs


Licensed under Open-Source

Licensed under MIT open-source license. Nearby Shops is free for use even for commercial usage.

We love open-source. Checkout out our source-code on github !

Nearby Shops on Github
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No vendor lock-in

Due to software being open-source under a liberal MIT license. Any third-party organization or a person can customize and adapt the software. You are not locked in to a particular vendor. You can approach anyone when you need help and support !

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Start your business with very low investment

Open Source technology enables you to save your initial investment that you will have to endure in case you are required to develop your own software and technological infrastructure.

You don’t need to spend your money for buying the software License when you are starting your business.

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Low operating cost

We use open - street -maps instead of a commercial mapping service. This will reduce your operating cost because open – street – maps is a low cost option compared to a proprietary mapping technology.

Nearby Shops delegates the responsibility of delivery of items to the shop owners. Therefore as a service provider you don’t have to invest your money for developing your own delivery infrastructure and hiring delivery people. This helps you to lower your initial investment.

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Preserve your freedom and Independence

Steve Jobs was fired from his own company. Travis Kalanick was fired from UBER. This is what potentially can happen to any founder when you are giving away your share of ownership to other entity.

Even if as a founder you are not fired from your company you are still expected to make compromises with your freedom because you are not the sole owner of your business.

Due to low cost of starting and running your business you dont have to approach a venture capitalist for funding. So why to approach a venture capitalist when you may not even require it.

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Third Party Integrations

Integrations provide you access to basic services like SMS-OTP, Maps and Payments.
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Nearby Shops use msg91 for sending SMS and OTP which helps in verification of phone numbers.

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Push Notifications

We use one-signal and firebase for sending push notifications.

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We use open-map-tiles for mapping which is based on open street maps.