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Latest Jar filenearby-shops-api-1.14.jar

Sample Configuration file :


Get Paid to Contribute

Developer time is valuable and it’s not fair to expect developers to contribute their time without being reasonably compensated. Therefore we have made a policy to compensate the developers, designers or any other contributor who help us with the project. We will make best efforts to Compensate the contributors.

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Please Note  : This project is currently – work under progress and not yet fully ready for production. 


Basic Concepts

Source code : Github Links

This article contains the links for github repositories for source code.

Third Party Services Used

This article gives you an overview of all the third party integrations used. Such as SMS-OTP, e-mail, push notifications and so on.

FAQ’s for Developers – Coming Soon

Installation Guide

Nearby Shops API Installation Guide

In this guide we learn how to install Nearby Shops API on the Could Hosting Service like Digital Ocean or AWS using Ubuntu 16.04 Server.

Upgrade Nearby Shops API 

Guide for upgrading the Server Side software

Generate fat jar / uber jar from source code

A fat jar (also called uber jar) is a jar file which contains all of its dependencies. You can simply run it without downloading any library files.

Auto restart Java Process after termination or System Reboot on Ubuntu 16.04 using SystemD

A trivial Java process can get killed, terminated due to various reasons and this is bad because termination of Java API process can terminate your service. In this tutorial we study various strategies how we can restart a Java Process if it gets terminated due to system error or due to  Server Reboot or Restart.

Add and configure Swap Space

Low Memory can become a problem on the Server. Adding a swap space can rescue us from this problem.

Clean Up port 80

Sometimes we might face situations where port 80 is not free and already occupied. So we study various strategy to kill process on port 80 to free up the port 80.


Basic Setup

Setup and Customize Android apps

If you want to use the android apps in production you may need to customize it. This article tells you and discuss the basic customization’s you need to start with.

Getting started for Admin

After doing all the technical setup successfully. You will be required to follow the instructions in this guide which tell you how to start as an administrator.

API Configuration (Coming Soon) 

API Configuration file contains the basic parameters like server URL, database URL and so on. Instructions for how to setup api-configuration are provided in the api-configuration file in the comment section of that file. 


Third Party Integrations Designed by

Third Party Integrations

SMS-OTP Integration

One Time Password (OTP) is required for phone verification. This article tells you how to enable SMS-OTP.

Push Notifications Integration using OpenSignal

Push Notifications are required to give the end-user real time updates on order status. This guide tells you how to enable push notifications.

Email Integration – Coming Soon

Payment Gateway Integration – Coming Soon


Working with PostgreSQL Database

We use postgres database as our primary database for our backend API. We have provided below Tutorials for working with postgres database.

Install Postgres Latest Version

This article tells you how to install latest version of Postgres DB

Create Database, Create User and Assign Password

After installation of Postgres DB you need to do some basic setup.

Install and Run pgadmin4 on Ubuntu 16.04

PGadmin4 is a tool for viewing and editing the PostgreSQL database.

Tables and Database Schema for Nearby Shops

In this article we will discuss about the Tables used and the Database Schema for the Nearby Shops application

Enable Remote access to the postgres Database and access throught PGAdmin4

Sometimes we need to have remote access to the PostgreSQL Database. We may want to view or modify the database on our Server from the client computer. So in this article we will see how we can connect to server from our remote computer.

Upgrade Postgres Database on Ubuntu 16.04

If you already have postgres installed and you want to upgrade your database to the latest version please refer to this article.


  1. Useful terminal Commands Ubuntu 16.04
  2. SystemD Terminal Commands
  3. Useful Tutorials From Digital Ocean
  4. Useful Links and Bookmarks

Features Coming Soon

Non-Technical Pending tasks

Features and Issues Pending New

An updated latest versions of the features coming soon

Features and Issues Pending – Features Coming Soon

The features which are coming soon are provided in this article.




Upcoming Topics –  Coming Soon

Setup Local Development Environment

In this tutorial we will see how you can setup the development environment on your own local machine.

Secure your API using  SSL / TLS from LetsEncrypt (Coming Soon)

In this tutorial we will see how we can secure our API using LetsEncrypt free SSL/ TLS certificates