Credits and Attributions

Background Music and Sound 

Thanks to Marcus Neely for providing the background music. Marcus Neely has been very kind to permit the usage of his music for our promotional video’s. You can see more of his work on his youtube channel at this link.


Graphics and Icons

Thanks to Material Design Team for providing Icons which are taken from this link


Libraries Used (Android app)

Ok-Http Networking Library

Retrofit 2 Networking Library by Square Inc and Jake Warthon

GSON Converter from Google

Android Support Libraries from Google

Google Play Services Location and Maps library Provided by Google

Picasso Image Loading Library provided by Square Inc and Jake Warthon

Dagger 2 for Dependency Injection provided by Google and Square Inc.

ButterKnife View Binding Library provided by Jake Warthon


Libraries Used (Nearby Shops API)

Thumbnailator library for generating Thumbnails

Jersey Framework Provided by Oracle



Cloud Hosting Services

Thanks to Digital Ocean for providing a simple, easy to use and reliable and fast cloud hosting services for a reasonable cost.


IDE’s (Integrated Development Environment’s)

Thanks to JetBrains and Google for Providing Android Studio IDE based on Intellij Idea platform


Development Machines Used

Nearby Shops software is developed on Ubuntu Machines. Thanks for Linux community and canonical for providing a great open source Operating System.


Help and Assistance provided for Development

Thanks to the developer community at Stack Overflow. Stack Overflow has provided a huge and immense help in the development of this Software. It has helped us to such a great extent and it needs a special attribution.

I have found some great unexpected solutions provided by the community at stack overflow which has saved our development time to a huge extent.