Get Paid to Contribute

Developer time is valuable and it’s not fair to expect developers to contribute their time and energy without being reasonably compensated. Therefore we have made a policy to compensate the developers, designers or any other contributor who helps us with the project in any way. We will make best efforts to Compensate the contributors.

All the pull requests that gets accepted will be compensated. The compensation will be similar to how freelance developers, designers get paid.

Please read the following documents that explains you how to contribute and in which areas we need contribution !


Contributions Required

We need freelance developers and designers who can contribute to the project. Contributions will be paid. Please click here to know more.

Join Us – For Long term Collaborators – Full Time Positions

If you are a regular contributor and interested to join us then please read this article to know how you can join us


Get in Touch with us

Get in touch with us by joining our forum at the following link :