Start your Hyperlocal e-commerce Business with very low Investment

If you are looking to start your own app based hyperlocal e-commerce business then this article is for you.


Hyperlocal has many advantages over conventional e-commerce. You can provide faster delivery of items. Therefore as a service provider it is now easier to keep your customers (end-users) happy because they can get their delivery the same day or the next day after the order is placed.

As an entrepreneur you want to minimize risks and you must be looking for ways to reduce your investment. This will reduce your stress levels and give you more fresh air to breathe.

To save your money you must use Open Source Software because its tested, good quality and have a community which can provide you support in a very low cost compared to proprietary software.

In this article we will tell you about a new open – source project which will help you launch your hyperlocal e-commerce business without investing your money for developing software and saving your time.

Nearby Shops is a new open – source project which can help you setup your own hyperlocal e-commerce business. It is primarily designed for smartphones and comes with 3 native android apps out of the box therefore you dont need to worry about launching your business on a mobile platform.

It is fully open-source and supported by a permissive MIT license. Which means that if any problem arises you dont have to seek a proprietary solution which can be very expensive.

Nearby Shops delegates the responsibility for delivery of the goods and items to the shop owners. This can save your investment which you otherwise have to spend on creating your own delivery infrastructure.

Nearby Shops is designed for small business entrepreneurs who want to start their business in a very low investment.

For more information on this project you can visit


free open source software to help you start your own bussiness with almost zero investment

Most of the entrepreneurs are not aware that there are lot of free and open source software available in the market which migh help you start your own bussiness in almost zero investment. These software’s can help you save your costs and save your money which you may want to invest into building your own propritiary software. You can start your bussiness in almost zero investment.


Website :

If you are starting your bussiness it is very much unlikely that you dont need a website. A website is a basic and essential need of any bussiness. Although wordpress is already a very much popular and doesnt need a mention but still i must mention this in order to bring more completeness to this list.

You can get your self-hosted wordpress website up and running in just around 5 $ per month using Digital Ocean Cloud hosting platform.

Discourse Forum Software

website :

Building a community is one of the most essential requirements to promote and provide support for your customers. Discourse is a best and visually appealing forum software that you can find. Starting your own forum is one of the best ways to support your customers in the existing bussiness.

You can also use the forum software to start your own forum which can later take the forum of a bussiness. If your forum becomes popular it can help you start your bussiness using your forum.

You can get your discource forum up and running in just about 10 $ per month on digital ocean cloud hosting platform. Which is a very low investment to start your own forum and bussiness.

Nearby Shops e-commerce sofware

website :

Nearby Shops helps you build your own e-commerce service similar to Instacart or Amazon-now where multiple sellers can register and sell their goods. The software is available open source and completely free to use. It comes with android apps and has support for mobile apps also.

As a service provider you dont have to do lot of work. You only have to review the registrations from the shop owner and resolve the disputes if any. You can get your service up and running on Digital Cloud hosting platform for just 10 $ per month. This is almost zero investment to start your own bussiness.

free TLS / SSL Certificates from

website :

Is a conventional setup you might be expected to buy SSL certificates for your online bussiness. But if will give you a great relief that gives you free SSL certificates and you dont have to pay anything to secure you web properties.

Tutorials already exist how you can use SSL certificates from Letsencrypt to secure your wordpress and discource forum.

Local e-commerce rising on the cards

Every idea has its own proper time when its eventually gets implemented and enter into people’s lives.

Before youtube was developed it didnt require a lot of common sense to understand that there is a need for a video sharing service in the market. But the video sharing platforms didnt really emerged untill we saw the rise in the internet bandwidth which grew upto the levels where video sharing service could sustain and operate.

This happend in around year 2005 when youtube was born. The first time in the history of human kind internet bandwidth was raised enough to support the sharing of videos.

We can see that there is a proper timing behind every concept and an idea to enter into the market.

Similarly when we think of local e-commerce it should not really need a lot of common sense to figure out that local e-commerce is required and it would simplify our lives. But what needs to be figured is when is the appropriate timing ? for local e-commerce to go mainstream into people’s lives ?  But before discussing that let us have a little discussion on the history of local e-commerce.

Even in the year 2000′ the attempt’s were made help people buy fruits and vegetables from local shops using a website. But it didnt succeeed. Because local e-commerce required features which were not present in Desktop computers.

Speaking further it would actually be quite an aweful experince to buy fruits and vegetables from your laptop and PC and for a reason which i cannot express into words the concept of buying fruits and vegetables from your desktop appears to be little inappropriate. May be because nobody carries laptops and PC’s with them all the time.

The local e-commerce appears to have certain special needs and some extra challanges to overcome compared to the conventional e-commerce. It needs to be location based. The shops / stores / sellers need to be sorted according the distance and should also get filtered out when the custormers goes outside the delivery range of the shop.

The emergence of Smartphones has somehow solved these problems. Because it is very trivial for smartphones to have GPS these days and it is getting more common for apps to use GPS and location.

More number of people have access to smartphones compared to the number of people who used the Desktops. This difference is substancial in the third world developing economies like India.

Therefore in a developing economy like India the local e-commerce would not be successful unless the smartphone comes to the rescue. The cost of buying a smartphone is substancially lower than buying a desktop. Therefore, people have adopted the smartphones in large numbers despite India largely being a country of poor people.

Smarphones have also helped bring the benefits of software and technology into the lives of even the most underpreviliged people.

There were few more factors. The cost of development and complexity of development. The e-commerce marketplace software can be quite a challange to develop and it would be a big IT project. But fortunately the field of software development has matured. The emergence of REST API’s and lots of good Quality libraries in the ANdroid ecocystem has made the development of SOftware very simple and easy.

These are some of the factors by which we can predict that we will see the rise local -ecommerce and just like adoption of services like Youtube the local e-commerce will become a commonplace in people’s lives.

The year 2005 was the year when the world was transitioning into adopting video sharing as something which is widespread and something which would become a part of our lives.

2017 would be the year where we might see local e-commerce rising really fast and growing rapidly into our economy and also entering into our lives.

Nearby Shops open Source android app for grocery shopping

Nearby Shops an open source android app for grocery shopping is available on Github at this link.

Backend (Server Side)

Nearby Shops API github Link


Front End (Client Side)

Nearby Shop End User Android app Github Link

Nearby Shops Distributor Android app Github Link

Nearby Shops Service Provider app Github Link





Shop and its Delivery Range

Nearby Shops Source Code is Now Released to the Public !

We have just released Source Code for the Nearby Shops Software to the Public.

The Source Code is Available at the following Github Repositories.


Nearby Shops available for download !

Nearby Shops app has been published to the google play store. You can download these apps from google play store and from these links.

Nearby Shops EndUser App



Get it on Google Play