Benefits for Entrepreneurs

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Start your business with very low investment

Open Source technology enables you to save your initial investment that you will otherwise have to endure in case you are required to develop your own software and technological infrastructure.

Well open- source technology is not free of cost. Because it needs funding also. But as an entrepreneur you don’t need to spend your money for buying the software when you are starting your business.

If you really like the project and you want to support then you can make a donation. Which can be done even after you start to make some profit and income.

If you choose to donate then you pay for the software after your income starts and not before your income starts. You choose to pay at your own convenience. Because donation is not mandatory and you can choose how much you want to donate.

This overall helps in reducing the investment that an entrepreneur will have to endure when starting his business.


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Cost efficient and Low cost business model

We have deliberately designed nearby shops software to work with cost efficient and low cost business model. An example of that would be

We use open – street -maps over commercial mapping service. This can save your initial investment because open – street – maps is an open source technology which is a very low cost option compared to proprietary mapping technology.

Nearby Shops delegates the responsibility of delivery of items to the shop owners. Therefore as a service provider you don’t have to invest your money into developing your own delivery infrastructure and hiring delivery guys. This helps you to lower your initial investment.


Lower Investment gives you more freedom

Steve Jobs was fired from his own company. This is what potentially can happen to any founder when you are giving away your share of ownership to other entity like a venture capitalist.

Travis Kalanick was fired from UBER …

Even if as a founder you are not fired from your company you are still expected to make compromises with your freedom because you are not the sole owner of your business.

Why to approach a venture capitalist when you may not even require it. The benefit of lower investment is that you dont have to give your share of ownership to another person (example a venture capitalist) for obtaining investment.

There are many cases where entrepreneurs and founders have suffered and getting the funding from someone else by giving away your ownership has backfired.


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Lower cost of technological maintenance and upgrades

Working with an open-source technology ensures that the source code is freely shared with the people. This ensures that you have large pool of developers and experts who can provide you the technical assistance that you need. This helps and ends up in much lower cost of maintenance for the technology compared to a non open source technology.


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Benefit from open culture and the shared experiences of the community

Due to open source nature of technology and an open ecosystem of knowledge and sharing. It is more easier to learn from the experiences of the people. You get to know what works and what does not work.

The experience of the other people can help you prevent mistakes and lower your risk of running the business.


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Designed for Small businesses and entrepreneurs

We promote a decentralized ecosystem with distributed control over a centralized control and monopoly.

We have designed our software and ecosystem in a way that it is more friendly and supportive to the small business.


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benefits of local e-commerce over conventional e-commerce

Local e-commerce makes things simple and more cost efficient. You can provide a more quicker and faster delivery to the customers. You don’t have to invest heavily for developing your own delivery infrastructure.

Why your customers should wait for 2 days or more when you can provide them the delivery of items the same day. This is possible with local e-commerce. It becomes more easier to keep your customers happy.