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Web Admin Demo

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End-User (Customer) Login Credentials

Username : | password : password

Shop Admin Credentials

Username : localmart | password : password

Shop Staff Credentials

Username : shopstaff | password : password

Delivery Guy Login Credentials

Username : deliveryguy | password : password

Admin Credentials

Username : | password : password

Market Staff Credentials

Username : marketstaff | password : password

Please Note

For the purpose of demo the delivery range for the shops is set to 20000 kilometers. In practice the delivery range for the shops will be limited to 30 kilometers and shops will not be visible to the customers outside the delivery range.

Usage Tips

In order to see how different roles work simultaneously we recommend installing our app on more than one android device and login with the different credentials. For example you can install our app on 3 devices. On one device you would login as customer and on other device as shop owner and on the third device you would login as delivery person. This way you can see how different actors work simultaneously.