Multi-Market app Demo

What is Local Market Aggregator ?

Multi-Market Installation allows you to add Multiple-Markets to your app. Each Market hosted on a Separate Server. And customer can access multiple markets from single app and single login ID. Multi-Market installation has many benefits. Lets talk about those benefits.

Benefits of Local Market Aggregators

Encourage collaboration among Market Admins - It makes it easy for market admins to collaborate with each other for marketing and promoting their markets. A market admin can invite another market admin to link his market on his app. Creating a mutual benefit relationship.

Saving the marketing Costs - Multiple market admins can unite and create a single app for them. This can help them save marketing costs. Because now they only need to promote a single app compared to promoting many different apps.

It makes it really easy to scale business for startups - You can simply add new markets and expand your business into new city. Because each market is managed by different market admin it is easier to divide the responsibilities and scale your administrative setup.

Protection from Platform Lock-In - Your market can get banned from an aggregator platform. You could lose your entire business in one day if you are entirely dependent on one aggregator platform. Well with the market linking feature you are protected from such lock-ins. You can link your market to multiple aggregator apps and even if your market is banned from one app your business will not be lost because its not entirely dependent on one single aggregator platform.

Many to Many Linking ensures Fair Competition - One Local Market Aggregator can contain many markets and One market can be linked with Multiple Local Market Aggregators. Therefore there is a many to many relationship between local market aggregators and local markets. This many to many relationship ensures that there is a fair competition in all segments and nobody can create a monopoly in the market.

Decentralized Hyper local Platform - This many to many relationship further ensures that the entire ecosystem is Decentralized and there is no single central authority which controls the entire ecosystem. The ownership and operation is fully decentralized.

Please allow Installation from Unknown Sources to Install app

Please Note

For the purpose of demo the delivery range for the shops is set to 20000 kilometers. In practice the delivery range for the shops will be limited to 30 kilometers and shops will not be visible to the customers outside the delivery range.

Usage Instructions

Tutorials are provided in tutorial Links given inside the app.

Dashboards for each role are provided in the profile screen.

Usage Tips

In order to see how different roles work simultaneously we recommend installing our app on more than one android device and login with the different credentials. For example you can install our app on 3 devices. On one device you would login as customer and on other device as shop owner and on the third device you would login as delivery person. This way you can see how different actors work simultaneously.