Shops like fruits shops, vegetable shops and grocery shops are few examples of shops which have lower range of delivery. Typically most of the customers wish to buy fruits and vegetables from shops which are located near to them. Because fruits and vegetables are perishable entities and locally grown in the majority of the cases.

Its is not feasible to sell fruits and vegetables on a typical large e-commerce website which serve the entire country. Nearby shops is a city based app which serve only to the customers of one single city. Each city is served by a different service having its own backend API and Database.

Nearby shops allow the shops to define their range of delivery and save their location. Therefore they can limit and define up to what distance they can deliver their orders. Shops will not receive orders from customers which fall outside their delivery range. Customers will not see the shops which cannot deliver at their location.

Nearby Shops API uses location based algorithms which helps it filter shops based on delivery range and calculate and sort the shops by their distance and promity from the customer.

You can learn more about Nearby Shops platform by Joining our Forum at this link : https://community.nearbyshops.org