Start your Hyperlocal e-commerce Business with very low Investment

If you are looking to start your own app based hyperlocal e-commerce business then this article is for you.


Hyperlocal has many advantages over conventional e-commerce. You can provide faster delivery of items. Therefore as a service provider it is now easier to keep your customers (end-users) happy because they can get their delivery the same day or the next day after the order is placed.

As an entrepreneur you want to minimize risks and you must be looking for ways to reduce your investment. This will reduce your stress levels and give you more fresh air to breathe.

To save your money you must use Open Source Software because its tested, good quality and have a community which can provide you support in a very low cost compared to proprietary software.

In this article we will tell you about a new open – source project which will help you launch your hyperlocal e-commerce business without investing your money for developing software and saving your time.

Nearby Shops is a new open – source project which can help you setup your own hyperlocal e-commerce business. It is primarily designed for smartphones and comes with 3 native android apps out of the box therefore you dont need to worry about launching your business on a mobile platform.

It is fully open-source and supported by a permissive MIT license. Which means that if any problem arises you dont have to seek a proprietary solution which can be very expensive.

Nearby Shops delegates the responsibility for delivery of the goods and items to the shop owners. This can save your investment which you otherwise have to spend on creating your own delivery infrastructure.

Nearby Shops is designed for small business entrepreneurs who want to start their business in a very low investment.

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