free open source software to help you start your own bussiness with almost zero investment

Most of the entrepreneurs are not aware that there are lot of free and open source software available in the market which migh help you start your own bussiness in almost zero investment. These software’s can help you save your costs and save your money which you may want to invest into building your own propritiary software. You can start your bussiness in almost zero investment.


Website :

If you are starting your bussiness it is very much unlikely that you dont need a website. A website is a basic and essential need of any bussiness. Although wordpress is already a very much popular and doesnt need a mention but still i must mention this in order to bring more completeness to this list.

You can get your self-hosted wordpress website up and running in just around 5 $ per month using Digital Ocean Cloud hosting platform.

Discourse Forum Software

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Building a community is one of the most essential requirements to promote and provide support for your customers. Discourse is a best and visually appealing forum software that you can find. Starting your own forum is one of the best ways to support your customers in the existing bussiness.

You can also use the forum software to start your own forum which can later take the forum of a bussiness. If your forum becomes popular it can help you start your bussiness using your forum.

You can get your discource forum up and running in just about 10 $ per month on digital ocean cloud hosting platform. Which is a very low investment to start your own forum and bussiness.

Nearby Shops e-commerce sofware

website :

Nearby Shops helps you build your own e-commerce service similar to Instacart or Amazon-now where multiple sellers can register and sell their goods. The software is available open source and completely free to use. It comes with android apps and has support for mobile apps also.

As a service provider you dont have to do lot of work. You only have to review the registrations from the shop owner and resolve the disputes if any. You can get your service up and running on Digital Cloud hosting platform for just 10 $ per month. This is almost zero investment to start your own bussiness.

free TLS / SSL Certificates from

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Is a conventional setup you might be expected to buy SSL certificates for your online bussiness. But if will give you a great relief that gives you free SSL certificates and you dont have to pay anything to secure you web properties.

Tutorials already exist how you can use SSL certificates from Letsencrypt to secure your wordpress and discource forum.